18 September Council Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda 7pm:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Citizen Hearing and Other Communications:
    • Polk County Sheriff Report
  6. Public Hearing on first reading of Ordinance 2017-09 amending the Elkhart Code of Ordinances Chapter 22: Parks and Recreation Board Public Hearing
    • Ordinance 2017-09
  7. Consent Agenda:
    • Minutes of the August 21st, 2017 Council meeting
    • August 2017 Financial Reports
    • September Bills Submitted
    • A resolution declaring October 30th Beggars’ Night
    • A resolution authorizing road closures Councilman For’s block party
    • A resolution adopting the FY17 Street Finance Report
    • A resolution authorizing water meter purchases
    • A resolution approving Elkhart Pub liquor license
  8. Discussion and possible action on road closures for Mean Machine Cycle Parts Grand Opening
  9. A Resolution relating to the financing of a proposed project to be undertaken by the City of Elkhart, Iowa; establishing compliance with reimbursement bond regulations under the Internal Revenue Code
  10. Discussion regarding bleachers on loan to the City
    • A resolution executing bleacher agreement between David A. Kalsem and the City of Elkhart
  11. Discussion regarding the City’s wastewater treatment facility project
    • A resolution authorizing and granting authority to the City Attorney and Mayor in regards to voluntary annexation proceedings and petitions
  12. Discussion regarding the Elkhart Park Board
    • A report from the Elkhart Memorial Park Board
  13. Report of the Elkhart Planning and Zoning Commission
    • Discuss and possible action
      1. Elkhart Industrial Park Plat 3 – Final Plat
      2. Elkhart Industrial Park Plat 3, Lot 6 – Site Plan
  14.  Ordinances
    • Second reading of 2017-03 amending the Elkhart Code of Ordinances Chapter 92: Water Rates
    • Second reading of 2017-04 amending the Elkhart Code of Ordinances Chapter 99: Sewer Use Charge
    • Second reading of 2017-05 amending the Elkhart Code of Ordinances Chapter 100: Stormwater Management Utility
  15. Discussion regarding quotes for a skid loader blade
  16. Discussion regarding quotes for a Public Works hoop building
  17. Discussion regarding codification of the Elkhart Code of Ordinances
    • Review and comment on draft from Iowa Codification
    • Council work session on draft
  18. Discussion and possible action regarding the Greater Des Moines Partnership
  19. Reports:
    1. Mayor/Council
      • Mayor
      • Just
      • Nolte
      • Shipley
      • Smith
      • Fors
    2.  Staff
      • City Clerk
    3.  Committees
      • Fire Department
      • Planning and Zoning
      • Cemetery Association
  1. New and Miscellaneous Business
  2. Adjourn



18-Sep-17       Resolution 2017-87  Adopting Consent Agenda for September 18th

Resolution 2017-88  Declaring Beggars’ Night 2017

Resolution 2017-89  For’s Street Party Road Closures

Resolution 2017-90  FY17 Street Finance Report

Resolution 2017-91  Authorizing Water Meter Purchases

Resolution 2017-92  Elkhart Pub Liquor License

Resolution 2017-93  Mean Machine Road Closures

Resolution 2017-94  Financing and Compliance for Miller Closing Costs

Resolution 2017-95  Bleacher Agreement David Kalsem

Resolution 2017-96  Authorizing Mayor and Attorney Authorities for Annexation

Resolution 2017-97  Approving Elkhart Industrial Park Plat 3 Final Plat

Resolution 2017-98  Approving Site Plan Elkhart Industrial Park Plat 3 Lot 6

Resolution 2017-99  Approving Membership in the Greater Des Moines Partnership


Ordinance 2017-03   Water Rates

Ordinance 2017-04   Sewer Rates

Ordinance 2017-05   Stormwater Rates

Ordinance 2017-09   Parks and Recreation Board

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