22 May 2017 Council Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Public Hearing
    1. Budget Amendment for FY17
  6. Citizen Hearing and Other Communications:
    1. Polk County Sheriff Report
    2. Robert Boggs – Mean Machine Cycle
  7. Consent Agenda:
    1. Minutes of the April 17th, 2017 Council meeting
    2. April 2017 Financial Reports
    3. Bills Submitted
  8. Sewer Lagoon Update and Financing
    1. Matt Stoffel – PFM Presentation
  9. A resolution regarding the City waiving its right to review the plat of survey for the Stokka/Schmidt parcel.
  10. A resolution regarding the City waiving its right to review the plat of survey for the Gass parcel.
  11. A resolution approving Jetco quote number 5189C for repair and replacement of Panelview system at the water treatment plant.
  12. A resolution authorizing road closures for the Elkhart Pub.
  13. A resolution accepting the Data Technologies software agreement for the Payroll ACH module.
  14. A resolution authorizing the purchase of playground mulch from Altoona Mulch.
  15. A resolution authorizing the renewal of the City’s ICAP membership.
  16. A resolution certifying budget amendment #1 for the FY17 budget.
  17. Discussion regarding the position of City Attorney with the City of Elkhart.
  18. Discussion regarding changes to Iowa law regarding fireworks.
  19. Reports:


  1. Mayor/Council
    1. Mayor
    2. Just
  • Nolte
  1. Rumbaugh
  2. Shipley
  3. Smith
  1. Staff
    1. City Clerk
  2. Committees
    1. Fire Department
    2. Planning and Zoning
  • Cemetery Association



  1. New and Miscellaneous Business
  2. Adjourn


Resolution Listing:

Resolution 2017-38             Adopting the Consent Agenda for May 22nd

Resolution 2017-39             Stokka/Schmidt Plat Review Waiver

Resolution 2017-40             Gass Plat Review Waiver

Resolution 2017-41             Jecto Panelview Quote

Resolution 2017-42             Elkhart Pub Car Show Road Closures

Resolution 2017-43             Data Tech Payroll ACH Agreement

Resolution 2017-44             Playground Mulch Altoona Mulch Authorization

Resolution 2017-45             2017 ICAP Membership Renewal

Resolution 2017-46             FY17 Budget Amendment #1 Certification

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