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Forms and Documents

Welcome to the City of Elkhart Forms and Documents page. This is where we put miscellaneous forms and documents that we believe visitors might find useful. Feel free to browse through the folders below.

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2007 Ordinance listing
Listing of ordinances for 2007
Ordinance 2010-01
An Ordinance to amend Chapter 55, Animal Protection and Control to include dog leash requirements.
File: Ordinance 2010-01 Chapter 55 Animal Protection and Control.doc - [?] - Size: 28K - Date: 5/27/2010
Ordinance 2010-02
An Ordinance to amend Chapter 92 Water Rules to include the new monthly meter reads, the water bill due dates change to the 19th each month, the disconnect fees changed and the water deposit amounts are now $125.00.
File: Ordinance 2010-02 Chapter 90 Water Rates.doc - [?] - Size: 31K - Date: 5/27/2010
Ordinance 2010-03
Ordinance 2010-03 was adopted December 6, 2010 and is an ordinance to create Chapter 180, Site Plan Requirements.
File: Site Plan Ord2010-03_adopted20101206.doc - [?] - Size: 72K - Date: 12/8/2010
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