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Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap

March 28, 2017

http://www.mwatoday.com/webres/Image/residents/recycling/bagpouch.pngBring Your Plastic Bags to City Hall and Receive a FREE Reusable Bag

Do you have dozens and dozens of plastic bags stashed around your house and never remember to take them back to the store? You are in luck! Metro Waste Authority presents the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap!

During the month of April, simply bring a bagful of plastic bags to your City Hall, place them in the designated Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap container and receive a Metro Waste Authority reusable tote bag for FREE (one bag per household while supplies last).

http://www.mwatoday.com/webres/Image/residents/recycling/malibu_cedar.pngIn addition, you can help our city win a beautiful park bench from Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls, made from durable 100% recycled plastic. Communities across the Metro are participating, and the bench will be awarded to the city that collects the most plastic bags (all bags are recycled locally) during the month of April.

Do your part to stop plastic bags from littering our neighborhoods and waterways, get yourself a nifty reusable bag and help our city win!

For more information, go to www.WhereItShouldGo.com/bag-swap