Animal Control Reminder

As a reminder, per the Elkhart Code of Ordinances chapters 55 and 57, animals running at large within the corporate limits of the City is prohibited. Animals must be kept on a leash of no more than 6 feet when you are off of your property. Please be neighborly and ensure your animals are kept on your own property. Additionally, please ensure to register your dogs and cats with City Hall. Any dogs or cats that are found at large without a City tag will be subject to immediate impound by Polk County Animal Control.

City Hall has been receiving numerous calls and emails lately regarding dogs straying into neighboring yards or at large in the City. The City contracts with Polk County for animal control and any costs associated with animal control calls will be passed on to the animal’s owner. Help each other out and be neighborly, remind your neighbors we have a leash law as well as an at large law. If an incident requires Polk County Animal Control, they can be reached at 515-286-3333

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