Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I setup a new utility account?

Contact City Hall or fill out the utility application which can be found under Forms & Documents and return to City Hall

Does the City offer automatic billing or online bill pay?

The City does offer automatic payments which can be setup at City Hall. We do not currently accept online or credit card payments.

What is covered by my utility bill?

The City bills monthly for water, sewer, storm water, and recycling.

Who handles our trash?

Trash pickup is contracted on an individual basis, most residents utilize Ankeny Sanitation.

Who do I use for internet service?

Huxley Communications services Elkhart.

Where can I find monthly utility rates?

Current rates are published in the City’s Code which can be found under Forms & Documents.

How do my rates compare to other communities in Polk County?

Here is a chart showing a comparison between other communities and what a monthly bill would look like for 3,000 gallons of water usage, sewer, storm water, and recycling services.

City Consolidated Utility Bill Assuming 3,000 Gallons of Monthly Usage
City Elkhart Ankeny Bondurant Des Moines Pleasant Hill Windsor Heights Alleman Rural Polk Co Johston Urbandale
Rate $43.10 $70.05 $76.39 $57.56 $63.85 $47.91 $54.39 $75.79 $59.54 $48.59

* as of January 2018

How do I rent the Community Center?

Contact City Hall to check availability and make a reservation.

How do I volunteer on a City board or commission? 

You can apply to serve on a City board or commission by completing the online application found under Applications.

How to I obtain a building permit?

Permits are available under Forms & Documents and can be submitted digitally, otherwise a paper copy can be obtained at City Hall.

How do I check my utility account status?

Utility bills go out at the beginning of each month and are due the 19th of each month. If you need to know the current balance of your account please contact City Hall.

What do I need to do if I am moving out?

Contact City Hall or complete the utility application found under Forms & Documents. Be sure to include a good forwarding address and the day you are moving out.

Does the City offer tax abatement?

Yes, the City currently offers residential and commercial tax abatement. Residential tax abatement is a 3 year program that abates $75,000 of property value. Commercial tax abatement is a 3 year program that abates 100% of valuation. Applications can be found under Forms & Documents. Contact City Hall with further questions.

How do I register to vote?

You can register or update your voter registration at this link.

How do I request an absentee ballot?

Use this link to print an absentee ballot request.

How do I contact City Hall?

City Hall can be reached at 515-367-4735 or cityofelkhart@huxcomm.net.

Who do I call for animal control issues or other non-emergency situations?

The City contracts with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department for animal control and law enforcement purposes. The dispatcher can be reached at 515-286-3333. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.