Parks and Recreation Board Vacancies

The City is now accepting applications to fill vacancies on the City’s Parks and Recreation Board. This is a Mayor appointed board established to serve as an advisory body to the City Council. The goal of the Parks and Recreation Board is to assist and advise the City Council on matters pertaining to establishing, purchasing, maintaining, and regulating community sports facilities, open spaces, community facilities, parks and playgrounds, and to provide recreational opportunities and facilities. The Parks and Recreation Board will consist of 5 members serving on staggered 3 year terms, residency is not required. More information on the board can be found in Chapter 23 of the City Code. Applications will be accepted until all vacancies are filled. The application can be found at this link.

Some 2018 goals for the Parks and Recreation Board include:

  • Develop and recommend to Council for approval and adoption the rules and regulations regarding facility use, rental policies and park hours
  • Examine current revenue sources relating to park and recreation activities, identify new revenue sources, develop and recommend to Council for approval and adoption fee structures for facility use
  • Conduct planning and visioning, working alongside City staff, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the community to amend the City’s Comprehensive Plan as it relates to future land use and parkland development
  • Coordinate with City staff to create and maintain safety inspections of all park and recreation equipment and facilities
  • Conduct grant research and coordinate with City Staff to pursue grant funding in support of parks and recreation projects
  • Coordinate with City staff to administer the City’s Urban Forestry Management Plan and make suggestions to City Council for the management and improvement of the City’s public tree stock
  • Assist with budget preparation as it relates to parks and recreation projects, assist with the development and execution of budgeted parks and recreation projects


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